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Ain’t a fairytale

There are some things that we will never do again,

some things that will never be. 

In the end it never even mattered,

An in the end when time and space collide,

your left waking alone with your thoughts. 

An when you wake up needing someone,

You’ll realize that it will never be the same. 

I’m hidden away, 

From all that once had me,

From all that will try to have me. 

I’m not a princess.

The truth hurts,

The lies hurt,

The heart bleeds,

An the arrow that I am is advancing, 

As I begin to disappear into the corner stone,

I’m like a broken record. 

An this isn’t a fairytale. 

An I’ve stayed, 

I’ve stayed. 

An it’s too late to catch me now. 

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